Host Your Server In The Cloud

Take your server to the cloud and reclaim your office space while eliminatingmanagement and hardware expenses.

Everybody has heard of ‘the cloud,’ but many businesses are unaware of the many benefits thatcloud hosting can offer small and medium-sized businesses

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By hosting your server and other mission-critical equipment in a reliable, properly managed datacenter, your business will have less hardware to maintain. This means more space, reducedelectricity consumption, and less overhead. Best of all, hosted infrastructure can be managed by ourIT experts to ensure constant reliability, stability, and uptime. We ensure that your data is always redundantly backed up, and antivirus and security protection is handled in-house.

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Take your whole IT to the cloudDon’t take just your server to the cloud. New England Secure offers a full range of hostedinfrastructure solutions including data storage and desktop virtualization.With a completely managed hosted IT infrastructure, empower your team with the tools they needand still protect your bottom line. You will no longer have to worry about hardware and software upgrades again. Set up a consultation and see how much you can save with New England SecureHosted IT Solutions today 


Revolutionize your IT

Stop purchasing expensive hardware only to pay to administer, maintain, andmanage it. Our data center provides secure, reliable access to your servers. Forget about security patches,software updates, and hardware management. The New England Secure cloud environment is veryscalable, giving you the resources your business requires.

Business Computing

Easily access files and applications from anywhere—flexible, mobile, and always on.Beyond reducing operating costs, hosted server and IT infrastructure empowers your business toaccess files and applications from anywhere. This is perfect for businesses with multiple offices oremployees who need to work from home or on the road.Access applications like Microsoft Office, Outlook/Exchange, and the software applications you useto run your business such as your accounting suite and CRM tools. In other words, it’s your ITenvironment hosted in our data center. You won’t lose functionality, but your business would benefitfrom drastically reduced overhead and increased cost-savings.