New England Secure understands that government and public sector agenciesuse network communications including VoIP and other IP-based solutions toaccelerate decision-making, improve service effectiveness, and to protectcitizens. In addition to the 24×7 requirements of public safety and EMSdepartments, more local governments are providing 24-hour services to citizensand always-on access for teleworkers and mobile end-users.

New England Secure helps local governments and public agencies strengthentheir IT infrastructures, improve productivity, control costs and generate apositive return on investment in information technology.

New England SecureManaged IT and IT Securityservices help government and public sectoragencies:

Deliver comprehensive, secure infrastructure
paired with responsive end-
user IT support

Find comfort in a fixed, known, affordable budget

Gain access to experienced staff
with a wide range of skill sets

Obtain valuable end-user support
to maintain productivity

Protect vital data against unauthorized access

Deliver Project Management services
to complete projects on time and on

Offer procurement strategies leveraging manufacture channels specific to
the needs of the government market

Achieve aggressive uptime SLA for your public safety requirements
through our Service Response Plan

Assist with the development and maintenance of your business continuity
plans, information security policy, technology use agreements, and data
breach response plans.