At New England Secure, we have strong roots in the legal industry. Some of ourfirst clients were law firms. Given this established history, we havetheexperience and knowledge of the important business drivers and industry-relevant technologies and solutions law firms need to remain competitive andkeep confidential information secure.Attorneys and legal team members have a growing need to access an array ofmobile solutions, database query research tools, and real-time documentretrieval in order to be productive. We know e-discovery, email archiving, timeand billing, accounting, document management, and practice managementapplications are of great importance to your business. We understand yourunique IT needs and know how to align your IT requirements with your firm’sstrategic goals to optimize IT as a competitive differentiator. New EnglandSecure services provide you the freedom to focus on what’s most important:your clients.

With New England Secure as your IT partner, we can help you to stay ahead of
the constant changes in the technology landscape by:

Delivering a reliable and secure IT infrastructure.

Providing remote access from any location – including the courtroom – on
any device

Offering experienced staff
to augment your internal IT staff

Deploying video conferencing tools
that provide face-to-face, intra-office
meetings, eliminating costly travel time.

Securing your confidential client case data against unauthorized access

Assisting you to develop and maintain your business continuity plans,
information security policy and technology use agreements

Helping you comply with HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, and other regulatory
requirements as a business associate

Providing long-term technology planning and strategy to ensure
technology delivers you a competitive advantage

Keeping your time and billing applications accessible