Solutions – Data Forensics

Data Recovery in the Event of
Hard Drive Failure

Don’t Lose Hope. New England Secure has a solution for your data loss issues.Like every other mechanism, disk drives have an expiration date. When they fail and you didn’t havethe foresight to backup your data, you don’t have to give up. At New England Secure we have datarecovery solutions that will ensure that you aren’t going to lose all your hard work or other vitalinformation. For those that have been the victims of hardware meltdown, and didn’t have their databacked up, New England Secure have data recovery solutions for all types of hardware. These datarecovery solutions are there for you when you have exhausted all other retrieval possibilities.

New England Secure helps local governments and public agencies strengthentheir IT infrastructures, improve productivity, control costs and generate apositive return on investment in information technology.

Don’t Just Accept Data Loss

We understand the importance of your company data and we’ll do everything we canto retrieve your lost data.At New England Secure, we know how frustrating it is to have hardware just fail. Workstations andother PCs all utilize disk drives to store data. When these storage devices fail; whether they are harddrives, removable magnetic media, or flash disks, you need options for the retrieval of data, vital orotherwise, that was lost when that device failed. We offer comprehensive data recovery solutions formany of the top operating systems including: Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, DOS, VMWare,Novell, and select UNIX interfaces.By using state of the art clean room technology, we are able to maintain the air purity required toproperly protect the extremely sensitive internal components of these devices while we attempt torecovery your data. We support a full range of hard disk drives including EIDE, IDE, SAS, SATA,and SCSI.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery

Avoid having to rely on our data recovery solutions with our enterprise-level BDRSolutionThe experienced IT professionals at New England Secure thrive on finding solutions to the ITchallenges of companies just like yours. We know you can’t afford to lose your data, so at the core ofour enterprise-level and thorough managed services offering is our valuable backup and disasterrecovery solution. We can make sure that your data is redundantly backed up and stored in a secureenvironment in a secure location. This way, if the unthinkable happens, your data is completelyprotected. If you are unfortunate enough to come face-to-face with a disaster where you lose someor all of your company’s important information, our comprehensive data recovery solution gives youoptions that our competitors simply don’t offer.

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