Telecom & VoIP Advisory

Helping you choose practical, modern communication services.

Switching from a traditional phone system to VoIP can save your business thousands of dollars in equipment and maintenance costs.

In today’s business environments telecom is intertwined with the IT infrastructure and therefore impacts network design. Because there are so many communications options out there, selecting a telecom or internet service provider can be overwhelming. VoIP or On-premise Phone System? Fiber or cable internet? These decisions need to be made with consideration to the network.

Network Doctor can help evaluate the options and determine which makes the most sense for you – with consideration to quality, budget and functionality. We are carrier, vendor and service agnostic. We just want what’s best for you.


In today’s business world there is no ‘after-hours’ – the same should apply to your IT support. We offer live technicians, 24/7 to address your service requests.